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Savage Survival


Darrell Bain's Blog - October 2013

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Bainstorming News & Update


First of all I apologize for the abruptness that Bainstorming was temporarily discontinued. I should have notified all my friends and readers individually rather than just posting a notice on my website. During the last several months or so I’ve received many letters asking about my well-being and what I was doing now and had planned in the future. This issue of Bainstorming is an attempt to catch everyone up and also assure all my readers that, while Bainstorming will no longer be a monthly blog, I shall produce an issue periodically addressed to my readers and also posted as usual on my web site at www.darrellbain.com

Also, other than the aggravation of a couple of medical problems and a dental problem stated below I am doing fine and have no major illnesses. I do admit that I get an occasional letter telling me that my mind is twisted and that I will come to a no good end in the end. That’s what the First Sergeant told me when I refused to re-enlist after serving 12 and a half years in the military. I proved him wrong by getting out and not only finally obtaining a college degree but finding and marrying Betty, the love of my life and the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. In fact, I didn’t know what love really was until after we’d been together for a while.

Now, with all that out of the way (again with apologies) here is what happened, is happening and is going to happen in the near future.

No heaven, No Hell, my newest novel is out!

What if—
Everything we’ve ever believed about life after death is wrong?

And what if—
Our beliefs about the reasons for much of human behavior, attitudes and mental acuity are also wrong?

Autism, homosexuality, criminal behavior, mental illness and other aberrations from the norm are all caused by the same essential factor?

And suppose—

Changes in human behavior such as teenage angst, descent into criminality, switching from one religion to another (or to none at all), an abrupt desire to better one’s self, sudden and rapid success in finance or business and many other transformations in lives are due to a phenomena that is known to some but never discussed for fear of being thought crazy?

And then what if—
          All this knowledge is suddenly revealed by a small group of people who have figured it out but are in fear of their lives for doing so?

The afterlife isn’t what he thought it was. When Daniel Nelson’s cancer-ravaged body finally gives up the struggle he finds out that dying was easy compared to what comes after. He learns that while there still doesn’t appear to be proof of the presence or absence of heaven or hell, there is indeed life after death--but only for some.
         But what a life! A few minutes after his death Dan’s mind becomes attached to that of a fourteen year-old girl, Jeannie Stanforth, who was nearby when he died. However, she has no knowledge of his presence. What does this mean? Are there others like him? If so, what are the consequences for their hosts?
          Under dire necessity, Dan finally makes contact with Jeannie several years later and eventually Jeannie reveals the details to her father, John Stanforth and to her stepmother, Rosie. Rosie immediately collapses in tears of profound relief because, like Jeannie, she thought she was the only one who had the mind of a deceased person attached to her own, that of a young man who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome.After dying and attaching his mind to Rosie’s, he passed his incredible talent for numbers on to her.
          From this point on, Jeannie, her father and her stepmother form a foundation to explore what all this means. They find a few others who, like them, also have minds of deceased persons attached to their minds. Then they learn that there is a Cabal of men and women, each with multiple attached minds. These Cabal members have gained tremendous financial and political power through the synergistic effect of the attached minds working together.
          The Cabal is adamant that no one should learn that their ability comes from multiple minds of deceased persons attached to their own and all working together. After two attempts on their lives, Jeannie and her new husband, Abe, and her parents decide they must reveal the presence of attached minds to the public in order to save their own lives.
And then all hell breaks loose.

          An amazing, unusual, completely original novel that will challenge almost every belief you’ve ever had!

          No Heaven, No Hellis a fiction novel but who knows? It might even be true! And if it is, what then, faithful readers?

Medical Aggravation.

          During the last five months I’ve had a couple of medical conditions that are not life-threatening but extremely aggravating. The first has required three surgeries and a lot of time spent lying down rather than sitting or standing. Unfortunately, I am not a great deal better off and the condition has cut severely into the time I can spend writing and/or exercising. However, having to spend so much time in bed isn’t all bad, heh heh. I have mentioned that Betty is the love of my life haven’t I?
          I’m now in the process of having three more surgeries for the other problem. One down, three to go. And along with the medical surgeries I also had to have dental surgery which requires me to eat mush for 12 days.
         During the time period of the surgeries so far I did manage to produce another novel by working in fifteen minute intervals between bouts of lying down or sitting on a heating pad. The title is No Heaven, No Hell, described aboveand is probably going to be regarded as my most controversial novel, replacing The Melanin Apocalypse which both enthralled and irritated so many readers. And BTW, I feel that No heaven, No Hell is my most original work to date. You should know why if you read the description in the segment above.

Rogue Program Reviews.

My last published novel, Rogue Program, has so far received nothing but five star reviews. Needless to say, that really makes me feel good after all the work I put into it.

Sample of reviews from Amazon:

Another masterpiece from Darrell Bain. All the SciFi from Darrell Bain is top drawer. This book includes (an expanded, revised version) of the book Savage Survival that was so popular. Hostile alien takeover of earth that isn't pleasant. But a few humans are so strong willed, so able to withstand the hardships and always keep pushing forward, that they make a huge difference. WARNING, there are strong, mature, and sexual situations in this story that are not appropriate for non-adult readers! If that sort of scenario bothers you, don't read this and go elsewhere. But it's a realistic slice of Human life.

Rouge Program is an exciting page-turner in two distinct parts, and the content determines the style of presentation.

The first part is a very intense personal journey by Lyda Brightner, barely a teenager at the start of the story. Along with 15 million people, she is swept up by alien-controlled machines and taken to one terrible environment after another. Each has great challenges, and many die. Eventually only 5000 are left. Why was this done by the aliens with all their cruelties? You'll need to read the book to find out.

The second part is geopolitics, in which the 5000 survivors are pitted against all the dictators, power-mongers and large-scale criminal organizations of Earth -- and against all the inertia, bureaucracy and stupidity we humans are so good at.

Darrell's heroine Lyda very quickly becomes a real person. His demonstration of how some exceptional people can develop leadership is both convincing and realistic. Darrell is very good at getting his reader to feel the emotion, to identify with it.

I cheered Lyda all the way through the book. Put on your seat belt, and be prepared for a wild ride!

Darrell is my older brother so perhaps my review may appear to be biased but I can assure you, it's from the heart. I particularly enjoyed this book as Lyda made her way through many trials, adventures, lovers, and maturity. A non-stop, what's going to happen next, experience. I love the way Darrell writes his science fiction without all those fancy scientific terms that only befuddle me. His descriptions though are believable as he takes you on an incredible journey of survival and one woman's desire to prevail. The characters are easy to follow and that I like! The ending was not powerful but rather laid the ground work for what I think and hope will be another exciting sequel to "Rogue Program". Well done Darrel and I enjoyed the book immensely, keep up the great work!!.

I really hope I stick around on this old earth long enough to write a sequel to Rogue Program along with a sequel to No heaven, No Hell, finish the last book of the Williard Brothers series and write sequels to several other novels that my readers have consistently asked for. If not, well, maybe the theme of No Heaven, No Hell is fact rather than fiction and if so and my mind survives that way maybe I’ll get the books done, dead or alive!

How It Ought To Be Update

The prospective non-fiction book of political and economic commentary I had planned is on hold for the time being. Many parts of it have been published in former issues of Bainstorming but I haven’t had the time or ability to add to it since the first of the year (2013). I really would like to get back to it but if No Heaven, No Hell sells at all well I will need to devote what time I have to writing a sequel to it. In fact, I’ve already begun with a partial outline, notes and the four first chapters. I really do expect No Heaven, No Hell to be controversial enough to generate good sales so I believe I should continue work on the sequel. The first book sets the stage for a world-wide paradigm shift in attitudes toward life after death and I do want to write about the action I would expect to take place given the events in the first book.


It seems as if any time Betty has a medical or dental problem it invariably turns out to be a weird one. Right now it’s dental. She had a bad tooth that our regular dentist can’t do and the specialist he sent her to can’t manage it either. Right now she’s scheduled for an oral surgeon to tackle it. We’re hoping it won’t be too bad but in the meantime she’s taking about as many pain killers as I am and I have to take them for my back, head, feet and left hip and leg. Betty slept on her shoulder the wrong way at the same time her tooth began acting up and it became so painful she couldn’t lay on that side and can’t lay on the other side because of that torn hamstring from three or four years ago that was misdiagnosed and healed wrong, leaving nerves exposed and requiring her to take pain pills for the rest of her life, same as me. So, she’s been sleeping only on her back which gets tiring and aggravating. Once upon a time she had this weird disease that is rarely seen and doctors from all over were coming by to see it. When she had her thyroid surgery the doctor couldn’t remove all the stitches and I finally had to take them out myself. Fortunately, my training as a medic during my time in the military gave me the ability to manage it but it wasn’t easy. I could go on and on but if there is a weird medical condition that can happen, I can trust Betty to find it and do battle with it. We try not to get sick at the same time but we managed it this time. I’m going in to see my doc this week the same day she has her oral surgery. The only way she could get it done this soon was to go way the hell out of my driving range because of my bad back and hip anyway, so our daughter-in-law is going with her. Then four days after that I go for an initial appointment for prospective varicose vein surgery, also out of my driving range. I hope Betty is recovered enough by then to drive me. If not one of the kids will, I’m sure. Well, enough about this. No need going on and on with medical problems. I only mentioned them to begin with to explain why I’m not writing as much as usual.

Update: Betty came through her surgery with no complications. Now I’m scheduled for three separate outpatient surgeries on my legs for the varicose veins this month (and the first one is over with but they started on the wrong leg so I will have to rearrange the schedule for the next two so I don‘t have two surgeries on the other leg only 5 days apart). And in the meantime, I developed a bad tooth that required a new permanent bridge and a post and lots and lots of money. Gahhhhh! When will it all end? Take it from us. Don’t get old. It isn’t a bit fun.

New Dog

After losing three dachshunds in the prime of their lives we swore we would never let another dachshund own us. Well, you know how that goes. My brother Gary lives in Oklahoma, a 10 hour drive from us. He took in a young dachshund about two years old that had evidently strayed from its people. It was already neutered and house broken and a real sweet and well-mannered dog. Since he already had three dogs he couldn’t really care for another one properly so he asked us if we would take it. Reluctantly, we agreed, thinking some time in the next six months or so he would bring it to us. Two days later he arrived on our doorsteps with the new member of our household. We named him Dak since that’s what Gary had been calling him. Tip, our terrier/mutt mix was upset at first but they are getting along fine now. We got them both micro chipped, bought extra dog food, another bed and are now owned by another dachshund. It’s mostly Betty who is owned since Dak decided he was her dog rather than me.

And I think that will do it for the update.

Happy reading to you all.

Darrell Bain
October 2013
Shepherd, Texas


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