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Subjects This Issue:Bad times, Another Fall, Unhappy Coincidence, Re-issued Books, Adventures of the Williard Brothers Series, Driving, the God Stories, Samantha’s Talent, Sequels, Bigfoot Crazy, No Spring This Year?, Close, The New Types, New Book Working.


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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Bainstorming - December 2017 to May 2018

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Subjects This Issue:Bad times, Another Fall, Unhappy Coincidence, Re-issued Books, Adventures of the Williard Brothers Series, Driving, the God Stories, Samantha’s Talent, Sequels, Bigfoot Crazy, No Spring This Year?, Close, The New Types, New Book Working.

Bad Times

I’ll try to summarize the events of the last few months so that everyone who attempted to contact me will know why I didn’t respond, and why I haven‘t published any new books or re-edited books. First, on the 18th of December, I was in a one car (mine) accident that produced compressure fractures of a couple of vertebrae and put me in two different hospitals. I came home and promptly came down with pneumonia. Back to another hospital, this time to ICU. I spent several days there, then was moved to the surgical ward for a few days and finally used my patient rights to be transferred to the care of my own doctor once I felt good enough. I certainly wasn’t going to stay in that hospital another four days as they wanted me to. I did stay long enough to go through an analysis by respiratory therapy and by a physical therapist, then left.

Once I got home, I stayed by myself for three or four days because by this time my wife Betty was in the hospital with acute bronchitis. She was finally discharged because they needed the bed because of the flu epidemic. By then I was doing well and no longer required a walker. I turned it over to Betty and she used it until she felt better. Then, she had a fall and I strained my back severely (fractured vertebrae and all) while trying to get her up. I was so weak by then from all my hospital stays I couldn’t manage it. Fortunately, one of the kids was near and he came and helped.

Now that my back again required the use of a walker, we bought another one so that we’d have a his and hers walker, adjusted to each of our sizes. Now we’re a two-walker family. We seem to alternate at being disabled and one of us needs to care for the other. I have no idea how long this will last. We see our doctor Friday and should get some more information then. In the meantime we do have home health visiting us for physical therapy beginning tomorrow, assuming we are able.

That concludes the three months of calamities. At least we’re still mobile in the house, although I can’t drive yet, and for a while neither of us could. We have to depend on the family to shop for us, etc. but Betty is now driving again. I still haven’t started driving but I will, taking it slowly at first, just to the mailbox and back.

And…we missed Christmas and our Anniversary (New Year’s Eve) when one or the other of us was in the hospital on those days.

I think that covers the major events--and I sure hope we’ve seen the last of them!!

I wrote that a couple of weeks ago and whoops! Here we went again!

Another Fall

This time it was me who fell. Both of us were finally able to shop at Walmart (20 miles from home) together. We were bringing in the groceries and other paraphernalia when I tried to bring an armload so big I couldn’t see where I was stepping. I stumbled just as I got to the front porch and fell across the corner of it onto the front walkway of bricks I had put down lo, these many years ago. The whole left side of my face smashed into the bricks, my thighs hit the edge of the porch and my shins caught their share of bumps, too, on the single step before the bricks began. I wound up with the whole left side of my face turning purple, cut in four places from the bricks and bleeding like crazy although the cuts weren’t that bad. My left shin swelled up as if half a baseball had been shoved beneath the skin and both thighs were badly bruised. I managed to get up by myself so I knew I wasn’t badly hurt despite all the blood. Betty used ice packs to stop the bleeding after I stopped her in the midst of calling 911 for an ambulance.

The next day I had the most beautiful black eye I’ve ever seen, rivaling the one I gave a guy during a fight when I was 18 years old. When people asked what had happened I told them, “I knew I shouldn’t have bought Betty that new cast iron skillet.”

All was well after a week or two, then this morning I woke up barely able to move. I have no idea what happened to cause it but out came the walker again. I used it for several hours and gradually got better but Betty is out doing the shopping since she felt recovered from another bout of weakness.


Talk about coincidences. Two weeks ago my brother came down from Oklahoma to visit and help out for a few days. We had a good time since Betty and I were more or less able bodied by then. But--on the way back to Oklahoma he fell asleep and ran his car off the road. It was a one car accident like mine, and he fractured two vertebrae in his back just as I had and suffered a couple of broken ribs just to top it off.

He stayed in a regional hospital until a friend gave him a ride on to Oklahoma where he is now sitting on their porch watching his wife Barbara feed the horses, gather the eggs and so on, just as I watched Betty do my chores for a while.

I do believe we could do without those kinds of coincidences for a while. They don’t do the body any good and put a lot of work on the womenfolk, as some of us old timers still call our wives and lovers down here. So enough about bad times. Let’s move on to better subjects, like reissuing some of my books that have been out of print and unavailable.

Re-issued Books

I believe I’ve mentioned that the Apertures Trilogy, which I consider some of my best writing, is now available in print and in Kindle edition (only 99 cents each!)

The Williard Brothers series, where I’ve made a good start with getting them back in print, with Postwar Dinosaur Blues and Bigfoot Crazy back in print. I’m now working on Three For The Money, the third book in the series. Space For Sale and Fight For Mars will then complete the series.


The Williard Brothers and the book series of their hair-raising, death defying, zany (but entirely possible) escapades in search of their fortunes consists of five books: Postwar Dinosaur Blues, which takes place after their war-time adventures, (documented in Medics Wild), Bigfoot Crazy, a search for evidence of Bigfoot based upon a claw-like hand that belongs to no recognizable species, Three For The Money, where they finally hit it big, so big in fact, that they have to go searching for something to spend it on--and an expedition into space sounds like it should fit the bill. It is titled Space For Sale (where the brothers get into even more trouble), and the final novel, Fight For Mars, where the aliens from Bigfoot Crazy, supported by traitorous humans, make another appearance. All these zany adventures of the brothers are supported by their girl friends, who can shoot and fight as well or better than them. This is a series well worth reading if you like crazy adventures.


I’m back to driving now, the truck only. I’m banned from the new car except as a passenger, which is probably a good thing. I’ve looked back on that accident again and again and have concluded that I must have either blacked out from a mini-stroke or that my mind wandered momentarily (which it is apparently programmed to do), and I drove off the left side of the road. I think I just imagined that another vehicle was coming toward me. It is a little known phenomena that we are all prone to insert false memories of events into our minds. That’s a big reason why if I’m on a jury I never trust eye-witness accounts. Anyway, we’ve finally gotten the new car back, after 3 months. Most of the first month was spent with it sitting in the junkyard where it had been towed to. We finally had to find it ourselves, since no one else appeared to know where it was. After that it took only two more months to be repaired. Bah! Should have been junked after all the repair costs were added up.

The God Stories

The first review of The God Stories was good. I was glad to see it. Try The God Stories, only 99 cents. If you can’t afford 99 cents for a collection of weird stories, you’re not a real reader.

Samantha’s Talent

Samantha’s Talent, a novel I wrote and one of my favorites, has garnered 120 good reviews. It has sold over five thousand copies since publication. Try it. I believe you’ll enjoy reading about Samantha and her adventures, as she grows from a ten year old girl living in Alaska into young adulthood in Texas.


Many of my books need sequels. In fact, I’ve written that sequels will follow at the end of many of my first novels, and readers have sent me mail telling me that most of them need sequels. Sad to say, I seem to always get carried away and begin another new book instead, so I strongly doubt that most of them will ever see a sequel unless I get a ghost writer, somewhat like many busy best selling authors do, and by the way, I have been a best selling author on the Fictionwise and other ebook stores, but the “Great” ratings weren’t carried over when the Fictionwise site was sold to Barnes and Noble and the others were either sold or went out of business when Amazon began allowing authors to self-publish on their web site. Amazon is where I’ve been publishing my rare new books now, and bringing back selected older books from the out of print dustbin. If any of you reading this know of anyone(s) who’d like to write sequels to my books, let me know and I’ll see if we can work together. In the meantime I believe I’ve already mentioned that I’ve got the Apertures series re-published (this series is what I consider my best writing), and I’m presently working on The Williard Brothers series. I’ve just finished re-publishing Bigfoot Crazy. Three For The Money, Space For Sale and Fight For Mars, the other books in the series, will be a while but I’ll get them done if I can avoid car accidents for a while. Don’t know what will come after that. We’ll see. After all, I’ll be 80 years old my next birthday. Sure doesn’t seem like all those years have passed, though. Other than my back and Type Two Diabetes, which is well controlled, I’m still pretty healthy, so maybe I‘ll get all the sequels done eventually.

Bigfoot Crazy

As of April 16, I just finished Bigfoot Crazy, Volume Two of Five in the Williard Brothers Adventures. It is available at Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. The prequel, of course, is Medics Wild. The newest edition (and the only one available) features a medic riding a wildly irritated giant hog. I will begin immediately (as soon as I finish this Blog) to work on Three For The Money (IMHO, Three For The Money is the best Williard Brothers book, although it is also the shortest).

I sure wish I worked as fast as the old days, like 2005 when I produced enough and good enough and had a plethora of readers, all sufficient to nudge two of the most prominent and best selling science fiction authors, also publishing on Fictionwise, into second and third place for Author Of The Year that year. I really felt great in 2005, especially about coming in ahead of those other two, but it’s been a slow downhill ride since then. I’m still working, simply not as fast as then. Sorry, but I’m doing my best. That single car accident by yours truly sure set me back; that, plus the pneumonia and then when I got better, taking care of my wife who also had to go to the hospital and was home. P.S. I’m not much of a cook but I try hard. And BTW, if you’re interested, my brother is recovering nicely from his little imitation of me running off the road.

No Spring this year?

I imagine just about everyone in the country is wondering if Spring still exists. Even here, 50 miles north of Houston we wonder. It’s been one cold front after the other. I’m sure the folks in the Midwest and west and east all north of us would love to have our weather. The thing is, we’re not used to this &^$&(*&$(*)_)(&)()&*^%(&$##@!*^%$&_*  kind of weather. Enuff said. Come on Spring, if you still like this country even a little bit!

Note: I shouldn’t have gotten in a hurry for Spring. Now I believe we skipped Spring and went directly into Summer. What I get for complaining!


I suppose it’s time to close this, even though I haven’t said much. Maybe I should add that my honey of a wife is down to a svelte 104 pounds after her illness, six pounds under her desired weight, and down from about 130. I’m finally back to my normal weight, more or less. I’m also exercising about twenty minutes a day and gradually increasing that time until I reach thirty minutes a day again.

I am going to add a few short segments to this blog before sending it to my webmaster who does my web site, www.darrellbain.com

The New Types

I should mention that I have produced one new book recently, titled The New Types. Naturally, the first reviewer opined that it was great but badly in need of a sequel. I guess it will just have to get in line. Who knows? I may live a long, long time and manage sequels for all my books.

New Book Working

I decided to try getting out another new book while simultaneously bringing back some of the titles which are out of print. The working title is CHANCES. It is coming along nicely, but slowly.

Today is the 16th of May. I really need to stop writing on this and get it out to readers before they all forget I do have a Bainstorming Blog.


Darrell Bain
Shepherd, TX
May 2018


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