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Subjects in this blog: More, Sam’s & Father’s Day, To Oklahoma?, Free copies of the Apertures Trilogy, another fall.


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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Bainstorming - March 2019 to June 2019.

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Bainstorming: Darrell's Bain's Blog.
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Subjects in this blog: More, Sam’s & Father’s Day, To Oklahoma?, Free copies of the Apertures Trilogy, another fall.

Originally, I intended to add this to last month’s Bainstorming, but changed my mind since it is now the second week of June! First, the last two months have been a disaster, financially. Dental bills, a new AC/Heating unit, Septic system work, Exterminators for millipedes and centipedes, plus the usual other insects. Road work, and something else just as well forgotten. Total unexpected expenses: $12,000.00 or more, not something we had planned on, wanted or even thought about. Rats and Kitty Mess!!!!! Haven’t contacted the computer repair folks yet, need it but will have to wait until next month.

SAM’S & Father’s Day
Trip to SAM’S and Father’s Day next month. I get a meal at the restaurant of my choice. Betty gets to buy me a present. See? Not all bad! That is, until I see the SAM’S bill! Which just reminded me I wrote out a bill this morning and sealed it, but failed to put a check into it. More Rats and Kitty Mess on both shoes! This day isn’t starting well.

One day I’m going to stop idle browsing and get more work done, but I’d better hurry. I don’t know how many years I have left, if any. How the years pass more and more quickly as you age. Anyway, I believe I can stop writing on this Blog and get it sent out now that I have a new domain. Remember: www.darrelbain.com (only one l, while the one I had for so long had two ls). And BTW, I did manage to get the files from the old url, so nothing is changed on it other than the addition of this new Blog, short though it may be.

Flying to Oklahoma
My brother Gary lives about 40 miles from Oklahoma City. If I flew up there, I’m sure he or Barbara would pick me up at the airport. I would want too fly first class, though, no matter the cost. I’ve never flown first class and would like to see what it’s like anyway. After the financial ruin of the last couple of months, I’m not sure we could afford it. I really am thinking seriously of the idea, though. We’ll just have to see. An alternate idea is riding a bus or Amtrak there and back. It’s been a long time since we’ve been up that way. In fact, the rescue reunion, where all the guys involved in getting Gary back from Laos, where he’d been shot down, was the last time. You can read about his rescue on his web site, www.videoexplorers.com .

Free Copies of The Apertures Trilogy
How would you like free paperback titles to the Apertures Trilogy? The way to get one is pretty simple. All you have to do is to buy a kindle version of the books for only 99 cents then post an honest review on Amazon. No cutting corners or exaggerating your likes or dislikes. All I want is an honest review. Once it has been posted, write to me from my web site (the new one, with only one l rather than two) and tell me you are the one who has posted that particular review and send me your address. I will mail the paperback books to you. The first three persons to respond gets the books. Fair enough? Okay, good luck.

Another Freak Fall
I guess falls are just part of getting old. This time I was squatting down trying to reach a surge strip in order to plug a gadget into it. I could barely reach it, but finally accomplished the deed, then tried to stand back up. Somehow, I got off balancer and fell backward, with my left side taking the brunt of the damage. I cut a gash across my upper forearm from something and somehow wound up under the walker that I wasn’t using at present. Betty had to drag me out, the help me up and bandage my arm. One of these days I guess I’ll learn, but so far I haven’t made much progress. The damage was then aggravated when I went with Betty on a 40 mile jaunt to pick up a bushel of peaches to prepare and then freeze in zip lock bags, enough for peach cobblers for another year. But the next day I couldn’t do much of anything without using a back brace and very little even when wearing one. My back is just one big ache unless I’m wearing the back brace and not much better with it on. Rats. I’m useless around the house right now, so Betty is having to cook and wash dishes too, while I usually keep the dishes washed and in the dishwasher. Wearing my brace, I can manage 3 or 4 dishes then have to lay down to rest my back. One of these days I guess it will give out completely and I’ll have to have more surgery.

Darrell Bain
Shepherd, TX
June 2019

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