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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Savage Survival


Bainstorming - May 2015 to December 2015

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I take great pleasure in honestly recommending the following three books as Christmas presents for friends and family. Hilarious fun for everyone! Read to the kids or let them read to you!

Available in print or ebook. Order from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Search under my name DARRELL BAIN at either site or go to my web page www.darrellbain.com and use the url listed there for the books.

1. Life On Santa Claus Lane
2. Laughing All The Way
3. Doggie Biscuit


“Jungle Fever” again! And again, and again, and again, and again, and……

If I haven’t mentioned it before, “Jungle Fever” is what Betty began calling it when I first began having episodes of it. It starts with muscle aches then extreme chills, sometimes requiring 6 blankets while my teeth are still chattering so badly I can’t talk coherently and then extreme fever, going to 103 degrees and that’s while taking Codeine with Tylenol and extra Tylenol. If there is anything positive about it, there is no respiratory tract involvement at all. No cough, no runny nose, no bronchitis, nothing at all involving my lungs or anything else pertaining to the respiratory tract. The chills abate within two or three hours then the fever gradually fades away within 24 to 48 hours and then I feel tired for a few days.

Over the last year I have had the JF eight months out of twelve. Once it was four months in a row, and once went three months with no JF. Unpredictable and I’ve been to several doctors and none of them have been able to diagnose it. I guess I should feel fortunate that it only interferes with my life for no more than a week at a time when it happens. Apparently it isn’t life-threatening, just extremely aggravating. Just one more symptom of old age is the way I look at it.


I’ve heard and read the quote, “Those who refuse to learn their history are doomed to repeat it”. I Don’t know offhand who the quote is from, but I’ve observed that it is almost certainly true. The biggest examples I know of are the Korean, Vietnam and Middle East wars that weren’t fought to a conclusion and/or gave the enemy a sanctuary. Time and again our stupid politicians send our young men and women out to die while they stay home in comfort and in the end nothing is accomplished. President Clinton negotiated with North Korea so they wouldn’t get a nuclear bomb. We gave them billions in aid in the form of food and fuel to prop up their regime. What happened? They lied and cheated and played us for the biggest suckers in the world. Did we learn? Hell no. Now Iran has played us for suckers, and the U.N. plays along. Guess what? The U.N. Inspectors allow the Iranians to inspect themselves in areas they don’t want us to see, and that’s only one of the parts of the “deal” that we caved in on, or I should say Obama caved in on, because he thinks he’s such a great Statesman and knows all about how to negotiate. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


A Simple Idea is one of my favorite short stories that I’ve written. My all-time favorite is Robyn’s Rock. Both stories can be found in my collection, Oops! either print or ebook. A Simple Idea tells of a unique method of creating peace on earth and assuring good government. The most amazing thing is that the idea has been around for centuries and centuries, but has never been used in this particular fashion. Read and find out!


Does it sometimes seem to you that we’re becoming a nation of scammers, double dippers, crooks, thieves, liars and on and on. You can’t pick up a newspaper or read the news on your browser without seeing another politician, mayor, governor or ordinary citizen being accused of any number of crimes. Have morals disappeared from our country? Is ethical behavior no longer taught at home or in school? The awful thing is that many of the ones who commit all the dishonest acts don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. “Everyone does it,” is the standard excuse. Sometimes I think Heinlein was right. Go read Starship Troopers and see what you think of his method of curing society of such people. You may be very surprised! I’ve read that book a dozen times and I always get something new from it.


Did you know that American and/or world history is no longer required in many of our most prestigious colleges? Instead, students can substitute subjects like Rock and Roll, Women’s studies (insert black, Amerindian, etc. in place of women) and any number of other subjects that have no business being classified as valid course work toward a degree.


First it was zillions of web worms that invaded our home and the area right outside. They covered the walls of the house and got inside to the extent that we were killing a hundred or two hundred a day. Outside they crawled in layers five and six deep, trying to get inside. Eventually they departed, leaving an awful stink behind from their billions of dead.

Next we were invaded again, this time by millipedes. Billions of the damned things. Again, we would kill hundreds a day inside the house and outside, like the web worms, they attacked our house in multiple layers, crawling over and under each other seeking a way in. When they showed no sign of departing like the worms we finally had to call an exterminator. It took a while but we were finally ridded of the buggers. What next? Little green men?


You can read about how our little ADHD Dachshund Tonto got rid of every crooked, lying congress critter in Washington. Read Bark! And find out how he did it. It’s fiction but Tonto’s life is depicted accurately in most ways. Would that it really happened! Bark! Also includes Tonto’s real autobiography, told by him. The most unusual dog book ever! Tonto was extremely smart in some ways but so addle headed he hardly knew what was going on most of the time. We believe he had a doggie version of Autism of the milder type, Asperger’s Syndrome. He was smart enough to create his own tool for shoveling pine straw into piles on the driveway tarmac. He spent hours arranging the water hose in a pattern that only he knew what it meant. He loved water in any form, but especially that which came out of hoses. He thought it was good to eat and as long as it was running he would try his little doggie best to eat the water. Failure never discouraged him. Enough. I get tears in my eyes when I start reading or writing about Tonto, or Biscuit, the smartest dog we’ve ever known. Why do  they have to have such short lives, and at that, both of these most unusual dogs lived only half their normal livespan, both succumbing to back problems.


In HIOTBDI! I decided to write what I wanted to for a change and really let go! Among other tidings, I made the observation that looters, thieves and arsonists are not protestors. To classify them as such is a travesty of justice. Also, there are no more police shootings than previously, it’s just that publicity by the liberal media is making it seem that way. And the majority of people reach conclusions before even knowing the facts and begin acting on their “Conclusions” as if they were the gospel truth. Idiots!


I’m getting old enough now that I want to complete some work on a number of my titles already in print, similar to what I did with Samantha’s Talent, turning a long short story into a long novel or with Savage Survival, adding/revising the original book by 30K words then adding a sequel to make one really big book.

That’s what I want to do but somehow a new book always seems to get in the way of my good intentions. Right now I’m on the final couple of chapters of a new book tentatively titled “The New Types”. It may turn into a series.


I see so much and read so much about lawlessness, corruption, looting & rioting at drop of a hat, moral laxity and much more from so-called Christians. Why have a religion if you’re not going to follow its precepts? I’m not a Christian, but I believe I have a better moral and ethical code than at least half of the ones who call themselves that.


I was really disappointed in one of my latest books, No Heaven, No Hell. I think I may have given too much of the plot away in the blurb. Whatever the reason, it didn’t sell nearly as well as I expected a book about what life after death might be like to do. Too bad, because it was some of my best writing. It is still in print, of course, so it’s not too late to correct your oversight in not reading this book. Ah, if only life after death actually happens in the way I depicted it in the lives of several characters!


I need to get this out so I shall close by wishing all my readers and friends a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Darrell Bain
Shepherd, Texas
December 2015


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