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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Bainstorming - May 21 to July 9, 2016

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Bainstorming: Darrell's Bain's Blog.
Copyright © July 9, 2016, by Darrell Bain

Responses to subjects brought up by this blog are welcome. I can be contacted by e-mailing me from my website.

BAINSTORMING May 30, 2016 to July 9, 2016

Subjects in this blog: Terrible Month of constant pain, Shift of Books to other Publishers, Promotion I couldn’t help with, Spinal injection, Books going out of Print, Books available for new publishers, Handy hint, Amazon Author’s Page, Betty.

Terrible month of constant pain, Spinal Injection, withdrawal of books from my Canadian publisher.

I mentioned in my last Bainstorming Blog that I was suffering from excruciating back pain. My doctor upped my pain pills to twice what I had been taking and I was still miserable, couldn’t do a damn thing, Betty was doing all her work and mine, too. I could barely get around the house on a walker. In fact, I believe I went the whole month of June without leaving the house and certainly not driving! Finally on 28th of June I had some steroids injected into the three worst vertebrae. The MRI I got right after this started showed a broken vertebrae and three vertebrae with compromised disks (to put it mildly). Surprisingly, the injection worked to an extent. I no longer felt like my left leg was made of wood which was slowly smoldering and about to catch fire. Most of the pain in my leg and back was gone. Unfortunately, the sciatic nerve that crosses my left buttock, leaving me with a pressure point that hurts when I sit down was not affected. I still have pain there if I sit more than ten minutes at a time. I can stretch it to 15 or 20 minutes with a heating pad. That leaves me with very little time to help with the promotion Twilight Times is conducting for some of my books they picked up from the Canadian publisher I removed them from. They had about 25 books I want to see back in circulation. I may try to self-publish a few, but I would prefer for a reputable publisher to look at some of them and see if they might be interested. Enough about my back for now, except to emphasize that June was the most miserable month I’ve had in my entire life.

Withdrawal of books from Canadian Publisher,
Books going permanently out of print.

I withdrew all my books from my Canadian publisher in order to put them where they would have better distribution and be seen by more prospective readers. Unfortunately, I didn’t know my back was going to explode right afterwards. What this means is that many of the books I’ve had published are currently unavailable. Twilight Times is having many of them re-edited and then re-published with more striking covers. This will be a gradual process lasting the rest of this year, at least. If you are unable to find a book you are interested in, most of them will have some new and/or used print editions. For questions, you may write to me at my web site, www.darrellbain.com . I can announce that the following books are going permanently out of print: Space Pets, The Pet Plague Trilogy, The Sex Gates Trilogy, Alien Enigma, White Odyssey, Never Too Late, Ultimate Suggestions, The Disappearing Girls, The Disappearance Enigma, Toppers, Mind War, Crazy Ships, How It Ought To Be, Damn It, Around The Bend, Back From The Bend, Quanty.

Some other books which Twilight Times has not acquired will be either self-published or put out by another publisher. This may take well into next year, however.

Some of the books Twilight Times should get back into publication sometime this year are The Apertures Series, The Williard Brothers Series, Space Trails, Rogue Program (published separately from Savage Survival as a sequel under present plans), Savage Survival.

Already re-edited, most possessing new covers and back in print are: Robyn’s Rock (formerly titled Oops!), Postwar Dinosaur Blues, Bigfoot Crazy, Samantha’s Talent, Medics Wild, Strange Valley, Shadow Worlds. Self-published: T.I.N.S. (New cover by Gary Bain - formerly Complete Toppers), The Dog Who Thought It Was A Cat (illustrated by Gary Bain)


If ever a wonderful woman was created, her name must be Betty, the same as my wife. I would have been totally lost without her during the last six weeks. She has done all her work and all of mine and still managed to produce tasty meals and a neat household except for her husband staggering around on a walker. She even fixed my plate for meals and did her best to keep my spirits up while I was suffering so. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in my life--far more. I thought this would be a good time to say so.

A Bain Handy Hint

Have you ever become irritated when trimming your fingernails with those tiny little fingernail clippers? They are hard to hold and hard to manipulate, aren’t they? And as you grow older it becomes even more difficult to handle the slippery little devils. However, a couple of months ago I needed to trim my nails but couldn’t find my little nail clipper. I hunted but in vain. Finally I gave up and then an inspiration hit. Would toenail clippers work? May as well try them, I thought. And guess what? They work much better than those tiny little clippers supposedly designed for our fingernails. Toenail clippers are much easier to hold and clip where you want to and anything else you might do to  nails that need clipping. Try it and see, ladies and gentlemen. And that’s my hint for this blog.

Amazon Author’s Page

I had no idea until recently that at the bottom of  my Amazon Author’s page is a place to ask me questions, comment on my books or simply begin a thread in which anyone may participate.  Now that I know it’s there, I‘ll check in once or twice a week. Use it whenever you please.


Well, that week of feeling reasonably good after the spinal injectionwas apparently too good to last. Yesterday, after I did a few light chores around the house, Betty drove me to get a much needed haircut. I was beginning to look like I did in our wedding pictures from 1977 if you remember how much hair men carried around back then. Anyway, it was a fifteen minute trip in the car which isn’t all that comfortable, then 15 minutes in the barber’s chair, even more uncomfortable (simply because the injection didn’t do that much for the sciatica where the nerve crosses my left buttock and has been increasingly painful for over ten years) and then the ride home. By the time we got back I could feel my left leg beginning to ache in a very familiar pattern and it is worse already. So--on to surgery just as quickly as I can get it arranged, before that dreadful pain returns in full force. I’m again limited to ten or fifteen minutes out of every three or four hours at the computer. And that being the case, I’m wrapping this up and will try to get it out in the next few days.

Darrell Bain
Shepherd, Texas
July 2016



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