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Bainstorming Blog - March 14 to May 10, 2017
Subjects This Issue: déjà vu all over again, Apologies for changing titles, IRS, Repeat Suggestion, DUMBO spaceship and nuclear reactor, Rogue Program Back, Bob Rich Blog.


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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Bainstorming - March 14 to May 10, 2017

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Bainstorming: Darrell's Bain's Blog.
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Subjects This Issue: déjà vu all over again, Apologies for changing titles, IRS, Repeat Suggestion, DUMBO spaceship and nuclear reactor, Rogue Program Back, Bob Rich Blog.

déjà vu

I had an eerie experience a couple of weeks ago. I was reading some news on Microsoft and came across an article entitled Passion or Love (or a very similar title). It was a description of a scientific experiment to determine the difference between simple passion or true love. The strange feeling came from the summary. I could have taken the short essay I wrote years ago for an issue of Bainstorming, titled Lust vs. Love, and substituted it for the summary. It would have fit almost word for word! The difference is that I wrote the same thing intuitively while the article described a science experiment that came to the exact same conclusion I did. I don’t know if the scientists (or even one of them) read my essay or not. Probably I’ll never know but I was amazed that I believed I already knew the difference between lust and love while they didn’t until they did a scientific experiment. Maybe I should go into business and sell my intuitions. Think I should?

Apologies for changing titles

I’ve found that when bringing some of my books back into print that I shouldn’t give them a new title, even if they have been re-edited. It confuses readers and a few have complained about buying the same book again that they had already read. I’m sorry. Those books where I changed the title are Alien Seeds to The Golden Seeds, No Heaven No Hell to The afterlife Cabals, Bark! to The Dachshund That Took Down Washington, and The Complete Toppers to T.I.N.S. I hope this announcement will help cut down buying errors which are totally my fault. As a side note, where I expanded and completely re-edited a book like Savage Survival (It was expanded by 30,000 words and combined with the completely new sequel to Savage Survival), I felt a new title was justified, thus the book Rogue Program, the combination just mentioned. Thank you. DB.

PS: There are still a number of books to bring back into print. I promise that from now on if I should give one of these book a new title, the old title will be included in parentheses.


I just finished doing my taxes. I promise, if I could have all the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for our stupid, complicated, undecipherable and crazy tax code all lined up and I was behind a machine gun, I’d shoot every one of them and not feel one iota of guilt.

Repeat Suggestion

I’ve mentioned this before in Bainstorming and possibly Twitter. I believe it is worth repeating, though. My wife and I begin each morning and end each evening with a long, slow romantic kiss (whether we’re  intending to do anything more or not) and tell each other how much we love the other one. This is almost a sure guarantee to keep your feelings for each other sharp, loving and continuing. However, unless you’re in love, it doesn’t work. Try it and see.

DUMBO Spaceship and Nuclear Reactor

Look up MSR, Molton Salt Reactor. This was proposed way back in the 60s and is perfectly fesible and not dangerous like other nuclear reactors. Why have we not already built spaceships and built reactors for our power needs? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the idiot luddite environmentalists who have an automatic pavlovian reaction when they hear the word “Nuclear”. I guess they’d rather have seen all that coal burned to produce energy. Sometimes I despair at the idiocy of my fellow human beings who live on this planet earth. We could have our manufacturing in the asteroid belt by now and self-sustaining colonies on Mars and the Moon so that a great volcanic eruption or a meteor hitting Earth can’t wipe out our species. Do you know where the most dangerous volcanic region on Earth is? It’s Yosemete Nartional Park. It could erupt any time and that would be all she wrote for America and probably the rest of world civilization. We live with our heads in the sand.

Right now I’m about two thirds through writing the last book in the Williard Brothers series. In it, they use the DUMBO spaceship concept. Smart fellows, although some people say the NERVA concept was the way to go. Sorry, but the NERVA couldn’t get off Earth without help while the DUMBO could lift its own weight plus passengers and supplies and have hours of reaction time left. That beats the hell out of those big chemical rockets that can explode at the slightest mistake and cost billions and billions to build. BTW, DUMBO is not an acronym. It’s just a handy name that was used to refer to it when the concept was competing with the NERVA. In the end neither had a chance of ever being built because of, and I say it again, those idiot luddite environmentalists. I believe in environmentalism myself, but I don’t take it to ridiculous lengths like some of those luddites do. Gah! I hate to even write about what we’ve missed out on because of them and our pusillanimous, lying politicians.

Rogue Program Back

Rogue Program is now back in print, in both ebook and print. This is a big book. It contains a re-edited and expanded version of Savage Survival and also its sequel! Now all those fans of Lyda Brightner have the answer to their question, “But what happened next?”. If you purchase Rogue Program, be sure read the whole book since Savage Survival has substantial changes and was expanded by 30,000 words. The sequel contains about 70 or 80,000 words. There’s a lot of reading for $2.99 in the ebook. I don’t yet know what the price of the print edition will be, but hopefully it will come out less that $20.00. It will be a bargain in any case. **Note: I just completed the work to have the print edition available. It is priced as low as I could make it without losing money, so the ones who wanted a print edition wouldn’t have to spend a fortune. I believe it will come to $16.99 for a 570 page book!


I’d really like to re-edit some of my older books and get them back into print but I don’t know how soon that will happen. In any case, new or re-edited books by me will always be announced on my web site and in Bainstorming, Twitter and Facebook.

Bob Rich

Bob Rich’s  latest issue of Bobbing Around is out. Enjoy it at  http://wp.me/p3Xihq-XI

You can always find something of interest in his newsletters…? blogs…? I’m not sure what is an accurate description, but it comes out regularly with many subjects for your reading pleasure. Heck, it’s almost as good as Bainstorming!

Last Williard Book

Unless something changes, Fight For Mars will be the last book in the Williard Brothers series. I’m about two thirds finished with the first draft and working some on it every day, no matter how bad I feel. Right now they’re already on their way to Mars in a Dumbo type ship named Taking Chances. I think that’s a good name for their style of fighting, loving and wanting to live forever. So far they’ve done a pretty good job of it so I believe I’ll leave them to it and go on to something else for a while. This last book should be finished in a month or so, first draft, then have it sent to some of my first readers for corrections and advice. Once in the final form, away they go!

That’s all for this issue of Bainstorming. Enjoy!

Darrell Bain
Shepherd, Texas
May 2017


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