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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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buttonEpic 2010 Award, Best Adventure novel for Quanty

buttonDream Realm Award 2008, best SF novel for Human by Choice (with Travis S. Taylor).

buttonEppie Award 2007, best Action/Adventure novel for Mindwar.

buttonEppie Award 2007, best Young Adult novel for White Odyssey.

buttonDream Realm Award 2006, best SF novel for Warp Point.

buttonFictionwise 2005 E-book Author of the Year.

buttonMultiple Finalist, Dream Realm Awards.

buttonMultiple Finalist, Eppie Awards.

buttonKnowbetter best science fiction novel of the year 2002 for The Sex Gates.


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