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Here you'll find titles in various genres, including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller. Most of my books are available in both Print and as E-book editions. They almost always appear first as E-books and then come out in print. See the menu for "E-books" and "Paperbacks" for descriptions and links to where they may be purchased in either version. You can also see a complete list of my books in print at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBookstore.


Dear Friends-

During the recent massive change of publishers for all my Double Dragon Books, which included re-editing and new covers for many of them, many of the previous reviews of my books disappeared. If you enjoyed reading my books, I would be very appreciative if you would take a few minutes and post a new book review at Amazon. I don't think you need to make a new purchase. If you ever purchased your ebook via Amazon.com, they should be able to post a review. In the meantime, you might mention to your friends that many of my re-edited books being published by Twilight Times Books are available for only 99 cents! This price is for a limited time,so don’t delay. Thank you.

Darrell Bain


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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Just out! Bainstorming September 2019 to January 2020.

Subjects in this blog: Cancer, Writing Plans, Other Good Books of Interest, Chemo for lung cancer, Oct 20th, Betty, January Update.


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Many Double Dragon titles are being re-edited and published by Twilight Times Books and will come back in print this year.
The remaining ones will be either published by another company or published by Darrell Bain independently.
Some will remain permanently out of print.

Darrell Bain
May, 2016


New And Notable Books

JUST OUT! Available as eBooks now and Paperback Print edition very soon.


Available now

Apertures Trilogy

Don’t miss this thrilling adventure/suspense/sci-fi series of alternate worlds, with the twins Jan and Jani growing from teenagers to adult combat veterans with families and fighting to bring deserving Americans to a brand new, pristine world to start anew.

Apertures One: First Contact (Volume 1)


Apertures Two: Allies And Enemies (Volume 2)

Apertures: Allies and Enemies

Apertures Three: A World Lost, A World Gained (Volume 3)

Apertures: A World Gained

Eighteen year old Twins Jan and Jani discover the existence of alternate Earths in a most unusual way. The first exploring party from another alternity immediately recognize that twins Jan and Jani Jenkins have a powerful but unrealized talent for creating apertures into alternate worlds, but at the same time the twins suddenly realize they can spot an aperture and the person who formed it at a considerable distance, a talent they didn’t even know they had. The explorers from the Pankan Empire on another Earth have never seen the like of the twins, especially after they learn to create apertures to other worlds. The Panks are determined to not only subdue our Earth but to capture or kill the twins before they can develop their great ability to a point where they could help America and her allies resist the invasion. Within days, following one narrow escape after another, the Twins keep learning more and more about their abilities.

Read a chapter excerpt.

Paperback edition available now at from Amazon.com
Apertures One: First Contact (Apertures Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition

Apertures: Book Two continues the story of the discovery that rare individuals can create apertures into alternate earths, and of twins Jan and Jani Jenkins of our Earth, who have a great talent for creating those apertures. The alternate Earth of the Pankan Empire is bent on war and the Jenkins twins lead the way in finding allies on other alternate earths to resist their invasion. They also take on special missions to the Nazi-like Panka that involve huge risks--and huge rewards. The Apertures universe is full of surprises, romances and conflicts, where a beautiful traitor from our earth is bent on helping the Pankanss win the war unless the twins and the Alternate Special Forces of our Earth can prevent it.

Paperback edition available now at from Amazon.com
Apertures Two: Allies And Enemies Kindle Edition

The final book of the Apertures trilogy! The dream of a different alternity where Americans can begin anew has been a goal of Jan and Jani Jenkins almost since the first of the Apertures Era. Now they are working against time and selfish politicians to see it happen before the whole world goes up in flames. They are urgently ferrying colonists and equipment to a new earth that only they can reach, but often it seems as if the fates are conspiring against them and all they hold dear. But when the going gets tough, real Americans will always buckle down and try even harder. Yet this time, the twins may lose all they have worked for. War, unethical politicians, a mass movement aimed at controlling all aperture formation and the terrible loss of loved ones will test them in ways they never dreamed possible. If they can persevere, though, the reward may be worth it. Barely.

Paperback edition available now at from Amazon.com
Apertures Three: A World Lost, A World Gained Kindle Edition




out of print!

Galactic Frontiers (new edition, completely re-edited!)

Completely re-edited! A colony ship must fight on its way and fight again when it arrives at its destination. Terrible surprises are in store for Sage Cortez on the Galactic frontiers.

Available now at from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble

  The God Stories by Darrell Bain

The God Stories

Three short stories and an excerpt from The Afterlife Cabals, all dealing with God, Religion, The afterlife and Jesus. Warning: Do not buy and read if you are easily offended.

Available now at from Amazon.com

  The Afterlife Cabals by Darrell Bain

The Afterlife Cabals

The Afterlife isn’t what Daniel Nelson thought it would be. What if he discovers that many aspects of human behavior is influenced by the deceased? And what if he discovers that all is not right in the afterlife. In fact, he can be killed again and this time he’ll really be dead!

Available now at from Amazon.com


  The Golden Seeds by Darrell Bain

The Golden Seeds(former title, Alien Seeds):

These tiny gold objects appear innocent but they are the most terrible threat Earth will ever face! The Strake Brothers must fight for their lives and for the future of the human race!

Available now at from Amazon.com


T.I.N.S. by Darrell Bain


Just Out: ebook and paperback editions.

Two old curmudgeons, both Vietnam veterans, make life hilarious for everyone as each tries to top the other’s T.I.N.S. (This Is No Sh*T) stories. Their wives call them lazy. They claim to be efficient. One thing is certain: neither of them will ever be accused of understating the truth!

Tall tales or not (and they claim they're not), you will find yourself going along for the ride as Darrell Bain narrates the beginning of an electronic friendship between himself and Will Stafford. The two Vietnam veterans hit it off immediately when they run across each other on the web. Darrell is promoting his first novel, Medics Wild and lists it under Military humor. Will finds it there and asks what it is about. And from there…well, you’ll just have to rev up your funny bone and prepare to be entertained in a way you never have before!

Available now at from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble


Robyn's Rock by Darrell Bain


Robyn’s Rock is the lead story of this collection by Darrell Bain. Another involves Cupid and a gremlin bumping heads and causing sparks to fly in a rare fantasy story by the author. Others stories in the collection include A Simple Idea, an almost ludicrously simple method of eliminating corruption and idiocy from the political process, one that has been around for centuries but gone unrecognized. Cure for an Ailing Alien finds a nurse who must come up with a cure for an alien, one whose bodily processes are completely unknown. You’ll be amazed at her cure! Retribution is the story of unexpected consequences when alien meets human.

There are many more stories in this collection, all written in Bain’s own inimitable style that have kept readers coming back for more over a twenty year span. This is a book to add to your collection, stories by a notable, award winning author.

Available now at from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble



Samantha's Talent by Darrell Bain


Samantha Douglas--Sammie to her friends--is a pretty, shy ten year old girl living in a remote area of Alaska with her parents. She is normal except for one very unique and exceptional talent: she has been able to talk to animals as far back as she can remember. There is only one problem: no one believes her, not even her parents.

Sammie's talent gets her into more and more trouble as she grows older. Neighboring families fear their own children will attempt to emulate Samantha's ability to make friends with animals and get hurt by them--or worse. The Douglas family is ostracized and feared. The family is forced to move to the lower forty eight.

As a teenager her very life and freedom is threatened. She is both worshiped and feared. A government agency wants her help. Others want to kidnap her and use her for their own purposes. Her only hope for a normal life is to help solve a long-standing problem with her talent and the help of her animal friends. She also needs the help of a scientist she has secretly fallen in love with. This is a story of a girl that, like Harry Potter, both adults and young adults will enjoy.

"Your book is interesting reading. ..overall a fascinating story. I’ll look for it when it comes out."

Gordon B. Hendley, Jr.
Director, Ellen Trout Zoo

Available now at from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble



  Strange Valley by Darrell Bain


A clerk working in the census bureau discovers a series of anomalies in the population of a small city located in the Ozark Mountains. Intrigued, the clerk continues to investigate. He finds that, on average, the people of the city and surrounding valley, are a little smarter, less religious, more thrifty, marry less, have a higher level of education, are more sexually liberated and have fewer illnesses. The city also refuses government money for schools and roads, has little crime and no sign of racial unrest.

None of these factors would mean much taken alone, but together, they spell out a population that is distinctly skewed from the normal. Surprisingly, hardly anyone in the valley realizes that most of them are different from the average. They simply think they live in a good place among good people.

Then the investigation starts...

Available now at from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble


Human by Choice

Human by Choice


Best selling science fiction print author Travis S. "Doc" Taylor and best selling e-book author Darrell Bain have combined talents to produce a new science fiction thriller.

Buy Human by Choice at  AmazonBarnes & Noble or Apple iBookstore



Savage SurvivalSavage Survival

Savage Survival is a coming of age story like no others and Lyda Brightner is a character you won't forget. When eleven year old Lyda is thrown into the midst of millions of undisciplined humans, with no parents or guardian to protect her as she grows up, she has only her own bravery and her belief in the innate goodness of humans to sustain her. For six years, Lyda must endue the most ghastly and brutal environments imaginable, put there by invulnerable aliens for reasons of their own. After her first horrible experience in a barren desert, she vows that come what may, she will live, even while millions die, for she is determined to find what is behind such hideous treatment by the aliens.

Special Limited Hardcover Edition of Savage Survival
Only 500 copies of this special edition will be printed. It is available for order now at Amazon.com and BOOK STORES and from the publisher, Twilight times Books at www.twilighttimesbooks.com.

Order now to be sure you get a copy!


5 Talismans (Highest rating)

I have been an avid reader for quite some time. I have read too many books to count over the years covering a variety of genres. Through my literary travels the list of novels which have made me say, "Wow, that was something special", is relatively short. Frank Herbert's Dune, Terry Brooks' The Elfstones of Shannara, and George R.R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire are all at the top of that list. After reading Darrell Bain's novel Savage Survival however, I think that list has grown a little longer.

When Earth is invaded by an unknown alien race, eleven year old Lyda Brightner finds herself swept up in the destructive wake. With her father dead and mother missing, Lyda awakens in a concentration camp somewhere in a desert in the southwest United States. Within hours, she is horribly abused by a man who then in turn tries to sell her into slavery.

After managing to escape, Lyda discovers an inner strength which helps her retake control of her life, and puts her on a path of self discovery. Deciding the only way to defeat those who would hurt her and those she comes to protect, is by meeting them head on, Lyda quickly finds herself the leader of several like minded survivors. The aliens however, have different plans. The human survivors are put through test after test so that only the humans with the strongest minds will make it through each trial. Along the way Lyda and the other human refugees learn they are changing.

Their minds are sharper and their bodies are stronger. With each trial the changes become more evident. Lyda uses these "gifts" to protect the people who choose to follow her, and also to discover love as well as learn what true leadership is all about. Savage Survival is truly a masterful piece of science fiction writing. Darrell Bain uses an alien invasion of Earth as a backdrop to tell not only a coming of age story but also to spark deep thought concerning society as a whole. His character Lyda Brightner is as memorable of a character as you can get. I sincerely hope there are more tales of her exploits coming in the near future.

Darrell Bain's Savage Survival is definitely what is right about the science fiction genre. I believe this is as close to a must read as you can get. With an intricate plot, vivid imagination, and one of the most memorable characters I have run across in a long time, Savage Survival will leave readers with that same "wow" feeling I received.

Reviewed by Shawn Oetzel for Tales of the Talisman.

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